The SALT wants to change the industry 

Led by a team of seasoned experts from food services companies, The SALT is revolutionizing the industry.

Our vision is based on simple principles: involving the local community, transparency, innovation, and making everyday dining at our workplaces an exhilarating experience.

Bring the passion back to the kitchen with The SALT. We are your ultimate solution for versatile, authentic, and efficient restaurant-powered dining experiences. We've reimagined cafeteria services by partnering with a diverse network of local restaurants, bringing their quality food straight to your workplace.

We leverage advanced technology to provide an extraordinary array of food choices, shredding predictable national menus in favor of hyperlocal, customizable culinary experiences.

Subsidies at Your Cafeteria Impact the Local Economy

Supporting local restaurants is more than just a trend; it's a heartfelt movement recognizing the challenges they face. By channeling your cafeteria subsidies to local business, you're not just helping your employees but also rejuvenating your community's restaurant scene, making a significant socia-economic impact. That's a major contrast to the traditional model, where subsidies are sent to corporate headquarters.