How It Works for Employers

We really have the logistics down to a science... we don't just claim it.

The SALT schedules local restaurants that visit your team on site

Our intelligent platform curates and schedules restaurants that are local hidden gems specifically for your workplace. And it gets smarter as it goes, by learning about employee's favorites. This way, there's always something delicious to look forward to.

Employees are notified & get excited about what's up and coming

Your employees receive daily menu emails so they can get a taste of what's to come. They can also view the week's lunch lineup through our app or a customized web page we build for your company. No more wondering about where to head for lunch every day.

The local restaurant arrives & sells to your employees

A restaurant sets up, serves, and sells lunch to your employees for a limited time and cleans up. Meals are generally $8-$10, never more than the restaurant's in-store menu price. Each serving is prepared to order, but there is no cooking on site. A different restaurant repeats the process the next day.